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For some time now, Decomo has been making significant efforts to improve the impact of its activities on the surroundings and the environment. Our environmental policy is supported by a certified environmental management system (ISO 14001:2015). An overview. 

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Water Recycling and Effluent Treatment

The production of architectural concrete requires a lot of water, both during production and when finishing the concrete elements. For this reason, we have developed a thorough water recycling system.


In the production hall, where the concrete plant is located, Decomo has the capacity to harvest up to 400,000 litres of rainwater from the factory roofs. All waste water from the production process goes to an Ecofrog machine that separates all particles larger than 2 mm. The water with the fine particles is then sent to a filter press. The filter press cakes as well as the particles larger than 2 mm are collected by a specialist recycling company . The purified water is collected in 2 concrete basins of 18 m³ and is ready to be reused. A 9 m³ concrete basin allows water to be discharged after neutralisation with CO2, in order to comply with our legal obligations.

The polishing and finishing halls are equipped with a water treatment plant with a filter press. As in the production hall, the filter press cakes are also recycled by the specialist company. Washing and acid etching in these halls takes place on an impermeable surface that allows all the waste water to be recovered. This wastewater is decanted, neutralised and 60% is reused. In addition, 300 000 litres of rainwater can be collected here. In these halls, therefore, little tap water is used and the purified water is discharged.

Recycling of materials

Throughout the production process, products such as reinforcement, stainless steel, concrete residues, wood, paper, polystyrene and oils are sorted and disposed of separately for recycling. Empty packaging and unused chemicals are stored in a closed container for disposal and further processing. Grit blasting of the concrete elements takes place in a closed cabin. The grit is also recycled.

CO2-neutral concrete

In our ambition to become a carbon- neutral company, we do not only focus on maximum energy and water recovery. We also make efforts to reduce the carbon impact of the concrete products. We use cement substitutes or cements with lower carbon values and develop new products such as high-strength concrete that allow us to produce thinner elements with a high compressive strength.

Quality is top priority

Decomo works according to an explicit quality philosophy. We can therefore present the following certificates:

All elements are manufactured in the factory controlled conditions, fully finished and inspected, and delivered just in time to the site. High quality precast concrete elements can be produced in a relatively short period of time.

Our large production capacity (around 50 tables) means that we can perfectly meet the high demands in terms of quality and delivery time. In addition, we offer a full range of high-quality surface finishes.

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