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We can help you transform your ideas into reality.   We provide feasibility and pre construction advice on a wide range of subjects to ensure that your vision is achievable, cost effective and sustainable.
Early engagement will allow us to advise you on:

  • Concrete colour and surface finish possibilities.
  • Cost advice
  • Lead in and on site programme durations
  • Access methodology and logistical requirements
  • Panel sizes and anticipated joint locations
  • Panel weight and loadings
  • Typical fixing details showing how PCC elements can be fixed to primary structure.
  • Thermal Performance
  • Embodied Carbon

Wondering how our expertise in precast architectural concrete fits into your plans?

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Manufacture Products & Properties

Architectural concrete is an exciting material that combines functionality with visual impact.  Its aesthetic and architectural uniqueness, combined with its structural capabilities, endears it to both architect and builder, alike, and offers almost endless potential uses.

So what are the distinct and notable benefits of using Architectural Precast Concrete….

  • Almost anything is possible: The flexibility afforded by concrete in its fluid state combined with advanced formwork techniques means that it can be shaped to realise even the most intricate of architectural visions.
  • Free choice of function: bespoke elements for different applications: internal or external, structural/load-bearing or non-structural, single-skin cladding or double skin sandwich panels, ornate feature dressings, balconies, stairs or landscaping – indeed for almost any purpose!
  • Time and Cost Savings: through factory controlled off-site manufacture of prefabricated elements by coordinating just-in-time deliveries to suit the client's logistical and programme requirements on-site. It is also possible in conjunction with other specialist trade contractors to pre install at our factory windows, Juliet balconies, balustrades and the like into our elements.  Additionally, production as well as these ancillary off-site activities are much less likely to be hampered by adverse weather conditions.
  • Inherent Characteristics: Durable, impact resistant, non-combustible, high thermal capacity, excellent acoustic properties, colour consistent due to the primary use of naturally occurring sands and aggregates, easy to care for and sustainable.


Let’s consider some of the additional services that we provided :

Ancillary Services – Insulation / Firestop / Joint - Surface Treatments / Windows, balconies, balustrades

Thermal Performance and Insulation

Due to its inherent high Thermal Mass, concrete will naturally limit heat loss from a building during cooler periods such as winter and at night whilst it can retain a pleasant and cool indoor climate in the summer months.

Further insulation and a vapour control layer is typically, however, incorporated into the fabric of most external wall constructions and Decomo are able, where required, to pre-install this to cladding elements and the like in our factory prior to delivery; thus reducing, further, the programme allowances needed for carrying out such works on site. All insulation will be non-combustible.

Alternatively, insulation can, actually, be incorporated within the cladding elements in the form of ‘sandwich’ or ‘double skin’ panels where the insulation is located between an external aesthetic outer ‘leaf’ of concrete and a thicker structural inner ‘leaf’ which typically will act as a load-bearing or ‘stacked’ form of construction.

Installation - Health & Safety

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