About us

Our Parent Company, Decomo SA based in Mouscron Belgium was founded in 1977 and having been formed, initially, as a division of a family owned Main Contacting business very soon became autonomous and we ‘went our own way’ as the demand for the highest quality bespoke Architectural Precast Concrete elements increased.

Over the next 20 years or so, Decomo SA expanded its operational base to include much of Mainland Europe and in 1997 entered the UK Market.

Decomo UK Ltd was formed as a UK registered company in 1999 and its London office was opened in 2004 from which our vastly experienced Team are able to provide a full Design, Supply and Installation service; catering for the most demanding needs of our Clients on many notable and prestigious projects to date.

Who we are

Today, Decomo is rightly acknowledged and recognised as being one of the main providers of bespoke architectural precast concrete facade cladding and other bespoke elements in the UK, working for most leading Developers, Contractors and Consultants alike.

Our ability to take on almost any challenge, no matter how complex, is not only due to the vast experience and expertise we possess, but, significantly, owes much to the extensive infrastructure provided by our ‘state of the art’ production facilities and extensive ‘in house’ design office.

We hold ISO9001, 14001 and 45001 accreditations for Quality, Environmental Management and Health and Safety Management along with a number of further international certifications.

All elements provided by Decomo are CE/UKCA marked.


Our Vision is to retain and enhance our position and status as a market leader in the design, supply and installation of  ‘high end’  bespoke architectural concrete elements by continual improvement across all areas of our business.


We have a very clear and distinct philosophy towards achieving our vision and this is reflected and underpinned by our commitment to providing a quality service, safely and in an environmentally sustainable manner as supported by our various ISO and other accreditations.


Our core value is customer satisfaction and has formed the foundation of the Decomo organisation for more than 45 years. This reflects who we are and how we work, together as one team, to achieve the very best for all of our clients.

Our team

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Marnix Soubry

France - Luxemburg 
Technical Sales Manager 

Tel : +32 56 850 702
GSM : +32 496 577 157



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