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As a customer, at Decomo you will find a technically well-developed organisation from A to Z, where quality and customisation are the common denominator. Moreover, you can always contact anyone. We are very accessible and open to any question.

What can we do for you ?

What can we do for you?

As a customer, you will find Decomo to be a technically well-developed organisation where quality and customisation are the common denominator.

From the very first contact, we think along with you and examine how we can best fulfil the request of the architect, contractor and client. In our design office, our experienced technicians  are ready to give you technical advice on the appropriate form, colour, function, etc. of your elements.

We then also personally accompany you through production and finishing, logistics and after-sales service. Relieving you of your worries is central to our thoughts in every phase. We always look at the bigger picture and, together with you, look for a solution that fits in perfectly with your plans. After all, that is our greatest ambition. And that is why our products always effortlessly exceed your expectations.

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An overview of our working methods

An overview of our working methods  -  

1. Design

An in-house design office produces the production drawings and uses a 3D drawing package for this purpose. The engineers and draftsmen are familiar with the different building cultures of the countries where we operate.

2. Formwork

Formwork is of great importance in the production of architectural concrete elements. For this reason, we have our own formwork department. The formwork must be very precise, solid, non-deformable and waterproof. Depending on the complexity and the number of identical pieces, the formwork consists of wood, steel, synthetic rubber or polyester.

3. Reinforcement

The calculation of elements in architectural concrete always takes into account that the most critical load almost always occurs during the de moulding of the elements. An in-house reinforcement department assembles the reinforcement using mainly reinforcement mesh. Afterwards, the reinforcement is fixed in the formwork in a sufficiently firm and stable manner.

4. Concrete composition

Our know-how in the field of concrete composition guarantees a high-quality end product. Grey cement is used for grey and dark shades, while white cement is necessary for pale shades. Aggregates and sand are carefully selected and imported from various countries. Decomo also has solid experience in the field of self-compacting concrete. An automatic concrete plant doses and mixes the raw materials with the greatest accuracy.

5. Pouring

When casting architectural concrete, compaction takes place mechanically on tables fitted with high-frequency vibration motors. Casting can be done monolithically or in 2 concrete layers.

6. Demoulding

The formwork is removed with the greatest care at a minimum compressive strength of 15 N/mm². For fast and efficient stripping, we have a large number of tilting tables.

7. Finishing

In the finishing phase, the element receives its final surface texture. Structured concrete (also called relief concrete) is obtained by a negative relief pattern applied in the formwork.  Other possibilities are: acidi etching, washing out, sand blasting and polishing. Inlays of materials such as brick slips and natural stone are also possible. Our finishing halls have a total surface area of 7400 square meters and are equipped with a water purification and recycling system.

8. Automation

An automatic concrete mixing plant doses and mixes the raw materials with the greatest precision.

9. Quality

Decomo considers quality of paramount importance and has the following certificates  (see downloads):

10. Storage

Prescribed support and lifting points must always be respected.

Pending their transport, the elements can be stored on a 15,000 m² site.

11. Transport

Elements are always carefully protected during transport. Elements up to 13 m long and up to 2.55 m wide can be transported on flat trailers. Also elements up to 3.70 m high and a maximum length of 8 m can be transported. Elements that exceed these dimensions are treated as exceptional transport.

12. Fixing or Installation

Elements that are pre-fabricated and fully finished are a significant time-saver. If the elements are not self-supporting, they are assembled on a concrete support structure or on a steel skeleton.

An overview of our working methods

Everything is possible

In the production of architectural concrete, we take on every challenge. Our employees have the knowledge and expertise to give façade elements in precast concrete exactly the finish and appearance that our customers require. The size of the order does not matter to us. We are happy to work with anyone... as long as it is not a standard prefab.

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Innovation is in our DNA

As an expert in high-end precast concrete elements, we are constantly pushing our boundaries. The challenges our customers present us with simply require an out-of-the-box approach.

  • We use innovative techniques to improve the production and quality of concrete.
  • Much more than just joinery, our moulding shop is a high-tech production unit with water jet cutters and CNC controlled machines to sculpt all kinds of shapes.

  • In the finishing department, we work with the latest robotic machines for polishing the facade elements. 

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