About us

Decomo was founded in 1977. Having formed as a division of a main contracting company, we soon went our own way due to the increasing demand for prefabricated elements in architectural concrete. For 40 successful years, we have been the specialist for 'haute couture' facades with the highest demands on aesthetics, colour choice, homogeneous colour surfaces and three-dimensional shapes.

+45 years
experience in customised architectural concrete
15.000 m²
production halls for pouring, polishing, finishing and storage
Made in Belgium
and active in the Benelux, France and the UK.

Expert in precast concrete

Today, we are one of Belgium's largest producers of customised façades and elements in architectural concrete. Thanks to our extensive infrastructure, including a concrete plant and an engineering office, and our many years of expertise, we can handle any assignment, however complex it may be. Large utility buildings such as hotels, office buildings, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, commercial centres, ... or smaller residential construction projects. The bigger the challenge, the better.

In 1993, we were one of the first Belgian companies in our sector to obtain the ISO 9001 certificate for quality management. In May 2011, we also obtained the ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management. Additionaly, from 2009, Decomo's organisation has been KOMO- certified and so commited to another international quality standard.  A crowning achievement and proof of our continuous attention to quality, at all levels of the organisation.

From our site in Mouscron, we supply customers at home and abroad: from France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.

Our vision

We are a market leader in architectural concrete and work with our clients in the commercial and residential construction market by realising precast applications with high added value, both aesthetically and structurally, regardless of the complexity or size of the project.

Our values

Decomo has a distinct quality philosophy. It is based on a number of core values, which have formed the foundation of our organisation for more than 40 years. Our core values reflect who we are and how we work, together as one team to achieve the best for our customers.


That is our absolute speciality. We make our products exactly as the customer wants them - and better! To this end, we work closely with architect, contractor and builder. Tailor-made personal service, for the best result!


In all our departments, we work as efficiently as possible. We have an eye for detail and ensure that the entire development process runs smoothly, without wasting time or incurring additional costs, and that our customers can be supplied quickly - just-in-time! 


With more than 40 years of expertise, a transparent approach and an excellent reputation in high-end precast concrete elements, our customers can be confident that with us they will find the quality they are looking for.


Our market is evolving rapidly. We closely follow the latest evolutions and implement new techniques that allow us to constantly push our boundaries and meet any challenge, however complex.

Customer Care

We personally guide our customers through the entire construction process. Our staff are always on hand with the right advice to ensure our clients are informed and understood.


We create a working environment where it is safe to work and the impact of our activities on the environment is minimised.

Jochem Ahmad

Technical Sales Manager 

Tel : +32 56 850 702
GSM: +32 475 65 23 01

Nathalie Vandeputte

France - Luxemburg 
Technical Sales Manager 

Tel : +32 56 850  704
GSM : +32 472 91 88 15


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